Setting up your Payment Account

New Payment Account Setup Instructions


Step One: Once in the Payment system click on I am a new user (below the
Username blank box.

Step Two: Enter in your full 10 digit account number which can be found on your mortgage statement that is mailed to you monthly. (Example: 0010010000) Then complete the rest of the needed information (First name, Last name, Social Security number and zip code)

Step Three: Read and Accept the Terms and conditions page.

Step Four: Enter a user name you would like for example you could do first initial along with your last name all together. Choose what you would prefer. Then select your password and confirm your password. Please make sure to write down your online information for future use. After you select a user name and password, please select 4 security questions from the drop down list and answer the questions. Next add your preferred email address and keep on HTML unless you prefer text email. At that time you will select an image that you will like to appear when you log in with your password. There are ten options to choose from. Once selected it will ask you for a Security title. The security title is what you wish it to say. It could say for example (Jessica’s Mortgage or a hint to what your password is) Once that is complete you will scroll all the way to the RIGHT of the page at the bottom. Once that is done you will see the NEXT button. Please click on NEXT.

Step Five: This will bring you to a page that says New User Registration. This page is advising you of your new user name created. Each person who is on the mortgage can set up their own account with a different email address or you can share an account. Once Next is clicked it will bring you to a Loan List page.


Step Six: You have now created your new online account. Congratulations!! From here you can log in and see your Loan details, History of your mortgage, Tax and Insurance information and make online payments. ****Online payment link will let you make a once time payment as well as allow you to pay an extra amount towards your principal balance. Recurring Payment will let you set up an ACH draft for us to withdraw the money MONTHLY on the day you select. If you choose to set up ACH payments the draft day and the First draft day need to match. For example if you want your ACH to come out on the 7th of every month you would select the first month you want the payment to come out let’s say 5/7/2019 then the draft day selected needs to read 7 as well. Once an ACH payment is setup the system will allow you to stop it at any time. Please feel free to call us with any questions at 1-800-699-0425 and we can assist you as well.